Friday, March 25, 2011


Adik Amar, I'm so proud of u..

This one is a special dedication to my cousin, Fatin

Thursday, March 24, 2011

i need my strength

i need my strength

Good Bye

Setiap pertemuan pastinya akan ada perpisahan. And i hate part perpisahan so much.It is easy for you to say hi to someone but might take years to say goodbye. 

Kak Ija, honestly it is hard for me to say good bye. I know this time will come. But still cannot accept the truth that you are going back. Believe me I'm trying my best to accept it, trying my best to hold on my tears. Even though we get to know each other in a short period of time, but u are just like a sister to me. 

Thank you for all your advises, for lending your ears to me, send me every time i wanna go to office, ironed and sewed up my clothes...Thank you for everything..It is nice to know u and i'm gonna miss u

p/s: Minggu sedih

Monday, March 21, 2011

traditional remedies

I am not a Malay girl who always practicing traditional Asian's remedies. Not trying to say i am kind of a modern Malay..hahaha..Just to be frank, I don't even believe on it! But, a sister of mine who fanatically believe on traditional's remedies, has just opened up my eyes. I'm not sure where did she found the recipe. But I have heard it before..

Folks said that if you want to get rid of acne's scar on your face, you can try to put on this home made mask on your face. Just put it on like you wear facial mask. This stuff is a mixture of  bedak sejuk and cinnamon powder.

But do believe me, if this is gonna be your first time using it, it is bloody hot! I've experienced that. My first attempt has gave me 'a red mask' on my face. Maybe it is the effect of the spice on my skin. But the redness has slowly disappear. Nvm. I wouldn't give up..hahhaha..Will I get the same result as my sister? Just wait and see...(^.^)

p/s: Aina, I admit that I am JEALOUS of your skin! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Have u ever feel like u have lost something but u can't figure out what it is. EMPTY! That is what i feel right now. I just lost my soul. Can't find out what's wrong with me. Feels like wanna go to climb up on a hill and scream out loud.

Maybe i'm thinking too much? Some people said why burden yourself by thinking on small matters??Just ignore it and live your life happily. But I just can't stop myself from thinking. That is me. I will keep think about it until i feel tired of it

Or maybe because i have been too far away from my creature. Lately, I've been too obsess with my worldly matter until i have forget Him who has gave all these kind of delectation.

Hurm....i just don't have the answer..i am totally lost

p/s: Lost

Saturday, March 19, 2011


As usual, take a look at my facebook. Hurm..not much  updates since my last time login to facebook early this morning. But suddenly a picture from Ratna Rozaidi's wall has caught my sight. Haha.don't ask me who she is coz I don't know. Just a friend of mine has been tagged by her. 

Take a look on those pictures...And ahhaaaa..i got a rough idea..

Dear Mr Froggie,
 Regarding our plan. This is my proposal. Is it ok? 

 p/s: Please approve my propsal..pleasssseeee

Ikan masak lemak cili api

5-6 ulas Bawang Putih
3-4 bji bawang Besar
8-9 tangkai Cili Padi
2 batang Serai
Nenas/Belimbing Buluh
Serbuk Kunyit
  1. Mesin air, bawang putih, 4biji bawang besar and cili padi.
  2. Masukkan bahan mesin tu dalam periuk and masak.
  3. Then, masukkan serai yg dah diketuk and tunggu hingga mendidih
  4. Pastu masukkan bawang besar yg dah dihiris, nenas/belimbing buluh dan ikan
  5. Agak2 dah mendidih tu masukkan santan dan garam secukup rasa
  6. Siap! (^.^)

p/s: Just make me feel hungry by looking at this picture

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


that is what i can describe about my feeling right now
some kind of messy stuff in my carrier
they find bugs
but they ols just like bugs to me

p/s: Feel like wanna 'cekik' those tester. i'm tired mentally

Thursday, March 10, 2011

my passion

I'm tired 
but at the same time i'm enjoying it
Even those lines of codes make me dizzy and feel like to vomit
but i adore it
This is my passion

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

seriously thinking

need a serious thinking & preparation
Moga Allah permudahkan segalanya

Seorang ulama berpesan kepada Sayidina Umar Ibnu Aziz: “Pertolongan Allah kepada seorang hamba mengikut kadar niatnya. Siapa yang suci niatnya akan sempurnalah pertolongan Allah kepadanya.” 

p/s: Pink

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


After a few days, the what we called level of confidence in relationship keep decreasing, I've decided to boost it up. To be honest what people said this few days a lil' bit affecting and agonizing me. My decision to meet him up is kind of right thing to do right now. 

Even it is only for an hour, i feel relieved. He did nothing to me. By staring his face while he was talking to his aunt already allay me..hahaha..Just realize this is the man that i'm in love. AGAIN i'm in love! damn funny of me~

Thanks for the date. Feels much better now. Three things I get from this date :-  1) You are the one I love; 2)I need to be stronger..maybe stronger than Ultraman i guess..hahahaa 3)Patience

p/s: Mode : angau..

Monday, March 7, 2011

Never satisfied

Maybe it is some kind of human habits i guess. People will never be satisfied in life. Lets us take an example la..Once u finish your SPM, people will keep asking "What Uni are you going to?","Hows ur result?","Why are u still at home and when are you going to register your Uni?". *sigh* 

But then, when u are able to go to Uni and get a scroll, then people will keep shooting u with question like "When u will go out and find a job?". Because of this irritating question, u go out and find a job. U don't bother whether that job is suitable for you or not. Just make a try. If not suitable, then find another job. It is that simple. Just hope that u can stop people from asking u those question.

People will never feel satisfied. Once you finish your studies and find a job, then people will fire you with a very the hottest question. "When will you get married??" .Hahahahha.. GOSH! Get burnin'! hahaha..That is what i'm facing right now. Can't even answer that question. Just can give them a smile and ask them to pray for it. :)

p/s: Com'on guys, i am still young okay.

i just figure it out

Spending my time 'belek'ing gifts given by God
and suddenly OMGafter 22 years 7 months, 
 just found out that my lefter iris is bigger than the right one

p/s: Sounds like an idiot..hahaha..but i just figure out something bout myself

Saturday, March 5, 2011

i am myself

I am myself. 
I love myself just the way I am.
I feel comfortable with myself. 
But if u cant accept me as who I am, just let it be.
Nobody force you.
It is your choice to live in suffer
I'm not perfect. But if u searching for the perfect one
sorry to say i am the wrong person

p/s: Hate being compared. Feel stupid to be myself to someone who actually cannot accept who i am..#$#$^^!@#!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

He is a good planner

Had a dinner with maktok & bikna. They are talking about their experience in life. knowing im having some confusion in my life rite now..heee...I got the point bikna trying to say to me. 

"If we have planned everything and Allah does not allows it to happen, it wouldn't happen in anyway. However if u never planned it and Allah wants it to happen it will happen in anyway."

It will be easier if we know what will happen in the future, rite? But thats not the real life. If thats been called as life it would be bloody boring. No surprise at all! 

So, just let it be as what it supposed to be because i'm tired to think bout it. Just follow the flow and play the role that been given by God. I believe He is a good 'DIRECTOR' of this life. He is the only one who knows what is the best for me.

"...and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know."[2:216, al-Qur'an] 

p/s: Feel much better..Thank you Ms. Blog for listening to me!

Allah is always with us


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

stop that damn attitude!

I've been so annoying today
sorry for those who have been annoyed by me
again i'm sorry
Tika, plz stop being so damn annoying..OK??!

p/s: Jiwa kacau..mode: E.M.O!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i just don't know

the more i try to pretend i know nothing
the more it become clearer and clearer

"[155] Demi  sesungguhnya! Kami akan menguji kamu dengan sedikit perasaan takut  (kepada musuh) dan (dengan merasai) kelaparan, dan (dengan berlakunya)  kekurangan dari harta benda dan jiwa serta hasil tanaman. Dan berilah  khabar gembira kepada orang-orang yang sabar"

p/s: Allah, please give me strength to face with all this faith