Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sugar Daddy's motivation

Early this morning i got a call from my dad..hehehe...mcm tau2 ja anak dia neh da masalah..Abah, thanks for motivating me..i really2 need it...Teringat zaman muda2 dlu when i still staying at home...He is the one who always motivate me whenever i am down..

A phrase from him
" Life is not a bed of roses, but it is full of challenges..U cannot solve them all at once, but try to solve it one by one.."

Terus bersemangat utk menghadapi liku-liku kehidupan...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sabak Bernam Islamic Orphanage visit

Today is a public holiday...Feel bored seems both of my besties are not around...they had a good time rite now spending time with their beloved family...huhu.. what about me?? Sitting in front of my laptop alone doing this bloggie things..

So, for this entry i would like to share bout my ethic's class project..This project carry bout 40%..hurm..quite a lot huh? So we have planned to do some charity..We went to Rumah Kebajkan Anak2 Yatim Sabak Bernam..

Some piccies have that had been taken along this program

inside the bus masa otw to Sabak Bernam which consumes bout 2 hrs

Some gotong-royong membersihkan kawasan rumah anak2 yatim...Quite fun

During LDK session

Performance by the kiddo..

Bergambar kenangan with them...Actually diz is my group...the Greeny..(sorry Josh, d pix yg kt amek 1 group, not very clear..)

Time to goin' back buddies!!

Berakhir sudah this program...Even though there were some obstacles before the day, alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan lancar..


This week was not a really good week for me...Asyik susah hati ja. It seems macam ada yg x kena.I really hope I can figure out why..hurm..

Sometimes feel like to cry for no reasons, feel like to run away from my current life just to find the calmness... (Just thinking about sitting at the beach all day long)

Lots of work to be done especially my FYP...Today is already 26th Feb...Time keep running away but there is still no progress for that project...

Friday, February 12, 2010

U have freedom to say anything, but not everything would be listened

People keep telling u d story..U are forcing urself to accept it, but u cant...For u, there are many things that cannot be accepted by ur minds n heart..Damn! Again hate this feeling...when u noe it from others or u find it out by urself its really hurting rather than noeing it from the person themselves...yeah that’s me. It became worst, when u noe there are some dirty part which is totally not right. Bomb! Ur heart getting explodes…

Are they too matured to tell me that im not matured enough??? Get lost laa..Juz bcoz your age are more than me, it doesn't show that u r more matured than me… if u are matured enough u should think before take any actions… Does the action taken will hurt someone??Does it will give effect to someone?But u never think bout dat rite??Hurm…no ethics at all!(hahaha, since taking ethics class, I love to talk about ethics!)Actually u dun have any right to tell me that..

I might be a person who easily forgive something, but to forget it, I think it wouldn’t happen...Sorry~

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Testing my blog word..lalalala~

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Genap seminggu sudah we all went to Perak...all the plan again pops out when plan nak g The Dusun Resort xjadi..right after class FYP Pn. Rozi trus ktorg ahead to KL sentral to book train tickets..Fortunately, we all reached at 2pm and ticket for 11 people still available..Train to Taiping was at 3pm...rushing gla time neh..g bli ticket, kuar kn duit, bli mknn(suma xmkn g from pagi..lparnya Tuhan ja la yg tahu..huhu), smayang...Alhamdulillah semuanya sempat ktorg uat within an hour tue...

Diz pic was taken in the train...sakit jiwa jgk tunggu dlm train...about 4hour we all dduk dlm train tue..However memory at the moment we are in the train will never be forget..Gelak ketawa, main game, amek gambar..=)

Sesampainya kat Stesen Train Taiping, Perak...

After check in the apartment yg ktorg sumbatkan 11org, we went to take our dinner....jalan kaki ja. No transport at all..

Bergambar kenangan dpn apartment before went to Bukit Merah Lake Town..

Buying ticket to get our enjoyment

Here we come..

Tunggu ferry to go to Orang Utan Island...

On the ferry

the Orang Utans Island

At the Eco Park...

Fly across the Water Park

Penat sudah bermain...tunggu cab dtg amek..

Getting tired already..waiting for the 1.30am train..more tired + bored when we need to wait for about 5hrs..

InsyaAllah if ada peluang g, we'll backpacking again =) Hopefully kali neh Nariemah n Adriana can join us..


Friday, February 5, 2010


"Aku fikir kau tak searus
Lebih baik ku beralih
Biar kan diriku terus bersendiri"

Aduhai..tensen, bengang suma ada..ngeh2..diz song keep playing in my mind everytime aku bengang.i dun like to have diz feeling..bila manusia neh dah mula ada perasaan neh, syaitan akn mula mengambil peranan..manusia akan bertindak diluar kawalan n diluar batas pemikiran yg waras..

Dikala neh teringat pesan my auntie.."Kalau org melakukan sesuatu kejahatan kt kita, jgn ssekali kt blas perbuatan org tu dgn kejahatan.bls la dgn kebaikan...kalau kita uat jgk, darjat kita sma saja mcm org jahat tue..srendah2 tapak kaki(hahha..neh aku ja yg tambah ska2)"

Kalo ikutkan ati, nk ja sound balik. Suka2 ati ja uat org mcm2 like everyone dun have feeling. Adakah dia sorank ja yg da hati??dia sorank ja yg ada perasaan...WTF + MF!!(huh, i'm really mad at this person right now). Tapi disebabkan everytime aku marah aku teringat pesan auntie aku neh la, aku still mampu terus bersabar..Like Paan always said to me " Ayg kena trus sabar, sabar n bersabar"...hurm...(p/s: tapi persolannya until when i need to stay calm n keep myself emotionless??)

To myself:
"Take a breath, take a deep, calm yourself...That is what a rational person will do in tense"